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Simple Steps

The most sustainable health and wellness advice is simple, straight forward, and can easily be implemented and maintained.

Practical Advice

Practical health and wellness advice is critical for sustainable well-being within the manufacturing workforce.

Effective Goal Setting

When we use effective goal setting techniques, we can bridge the gap between advice and lasting results.

Why Employee Well-being Matters

  • Improves productivity
  • Reduce call-out days
  • Decrease healthcare costs
  • Increases safety
  • Employee retention

Your workforce is Unique

From high stress, high production working environment to shifts, the average health and wellness advice does not work for the manufacturing workforce. They need to hear information that fits their lifestyle.

Laura Timbrook

IS stress affecting production?

41% of workers state that stress leads to loss of productivity.

Could stress be affecting your production line?

American Institute of Stress

Do you want a healthier workforce

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Manufacturing Wellness podcast is currently looking for quests. If you are in the manufacturing sector and have/implementing am employee wellness initiative, I would love to hear from you.