3 Top Tips to Enhance any Diet

Apollo says “what diet season already”.

I’m a firm believer in bioindividuality, what fuels someone might not work for someone else, however, there are a few basics that are pretty universal.

  1. Water… so many of us are under hydrated. Try to get half your body weight in oz. If you weigh 200lbs aim for 100oz of water.
  2. Control your stress, I know easier said than done. Seriously, find a way to maintain your stress. Some great ideas are gentle yoga, meditation apps, herbs, sitting in a warm bath with some candles and a glass of wine, or for more inspiration check out ideas off Pinterest.
  3. “Eat your effing veggies”, I see people trying to low-carb and keto their way around eating the veggies. You need the fiber along with the vitamins and mineral. Try to aim for 1lb of veggies a day or 2 cups twice a day.

I wish everyone the best of luck on whatever diet/ lifestyle you have chosen for this new year.

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