Nutrition Advice…WTF!

When the hell did eating healthy become so confusing?

How can carbs be good in one diet and the devil in another?

Fat, Yes or No?

How can a study show something being healthy and then the next month it causes cancer?

Losing weight is simple…eat less!  So not true!

I hate that the nutrition field feels like a bunch of total bullsh!t. If we can’t agree if beans are healthy, we have serious issues. Why would someone even want to try to commit to a healthy life if the next “expert” is just going to tell them they are doing it wrong.

Why is all the nutrition advice conflicting?

Well, there are a few main reasons.

Bio-Individuality. What works for one person might not be great for the next.

Why aren’t more people talking about this?

They are, however, there is so much other noise it often gets cut short. Bio-Individuality doesn’t really help sell a specific diet to the masses. Most of the books/programs out there, their goal is to sell books/services. They aren’t going to tell you it might not work for you. They follow the belief they have the answers to all your health issues. If you eat something and it doesn’t make you feel good…dont eat it!

We aren’t listening to the professionals.

We listen to our friend selling supplements, someone who lost a bunch of weight, the “self-taughters” or sometimes professionals in other areas…but not nutrition. I’m not saying that all nutrition experts agree, god knows they don’t however at least they have a bit more solid understanding behind them. And trust your gut, if something doesn’t feel right to you or seems too good to be true it probably is. Look for a lifestyle that can easily fit or adjust to your already crazy life. If you’re trying to fit your life around a diet you will just cause yourself more stress which in the long run is worst.
I can’t tell you how many times I have seen dietary advice totally screw up someone’s hormones. If you’re going to follow new dietary suggestions that are beyond the balanced approach, consult a professional.

Fake news

We blindly trust everything we read without our own investigation. I have seen studies referenced that were 3 people researched, only done on rats, or even worst 99 white male bank tellers from the 1960s. The writers knew you weren’t going to read them and most of the time neither did they. They read one or two sentences that sort of agreed with their beliefs and referenced it. Why? Because it looks good in an article, it makes their point more believable. Next time you read an article just take a look at the articles referenced. Last week I was reading an article that references a paper that wasn’t even published yet!

What’s healthy?

Its simple get moving and eat a balanced diet. A balanced diet should consist of; protein (animal and plant sources) some carbs, (whole food based, potato, rice, butternuts..ect), 1-2 pieces of fruit and for the love of all things holy, eat your f*cking veggies. If you’re sitting at a desk all day, fewer carbs, if your out being active more carbs. Carbs are like lie-detectors, you either burn them or store them so if you’re not moving and you’re eating a lot of carb-heavy foods your body will store them as fat. Sugary things are treats if you’re eating it every day you’re overdoing it. Fill up on the good foods and you will naturally eat less of the other stuff.

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