Surviving Gas Station Nutrition Episode 18

This past week me and my husband participated in Motor Trends Hot Rod Power Tour, it was 7 cities, 7 days and 2200 miles (door to door) it was an awesome week-long rolling car show in a 1968 Mustang. We spend a lot of time in the car and due to the crazy schedules, most of our meals were at a gas station and surprisingly it is possible to find healthy alternatives on the road. In this episode I am sharing the top downfalls, were we messed up and I will give you our top tips on staying healthy on the road. Traveling is no longer an excuse to eat like an a**hole.

We documented our whole journey on Hot Rod Power Tour and you can see all the awesome cars and our drama of rebuilding the motor 3 days before we leave and see what we broke on the road. To check out our journey visit Instagram @that_68_stang.

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