Essential oil safety, what you need to know.

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I love essential oils, however I often see good meaning people giving what I have now learned as dangerous advice. Did you know not all essential oils are safe? That certain ones can cause breathing problems in kids? Or that essential oils often require proper dilution and a bit of math. Don’t be fooled because an oil says “therapeutic grade” doesn’t make it safe there are still rules and guidelines to follow. These oils/plants are powerful and they need to be respected. Listen to today’s episode to find out how to use your essential oils safely and at the same time saving you money in the long run since we often use way more than needed.

I want to give a big thank you to Cassandra Wilder for taking her time and sharing her knowledge. Please go visit her website and listen to her podcast she has amazing advice.

When my kids are sick I really don’t want to worry about dilution, what is safe? At what age or how much? There is a company that has done all that work for me, I highly recommend checking out they have an entire kid-safe line. I have been using sniffle stopper, immune boom and no more worries and they have been a lifesaver. I swear by sniffle stopper in an inhaler during cold and stuffy nose season. I am not supported or compensated by Plant Therapy in any way. I just love how much information and help they have been and I swear their customer service is amazing. The best part of their oils they are affordable.

Disclaimer: Essential oils should never be used in replacement for professional medical advice. If you are having a medical issue please contact your doctor or healthcare professional.

If you are considering aromatherapy for therapeutic reasons, have also consulted your healthcare provider please reach out to a certified/clinical aromatherapist. Two associations you can visit are: or

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**updated 1/9/2020 to add Essential Oil Safety report done by the Consumers Advocate Organization:

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