Employees and Preventative Health?

Are you employees seeing their doctors on a regular basis?

In the chaos of life it is easy for everyone to forget to make their yearly appts but for our manufacturing workforce its often harder given the lifestyle of shift work. I often hear “I don’t need to see a Dr. I’m fine” and often times the only way they see a physician is in the emergency room.

We need to support our employees making sure they have regular checkups. February is heart health month and there is no better time to remind your employees to take a moment to go see a doctor. It is much easier to treat any issues earlier on than waiting for something major.

Here are a few ways to help support your employees:

  • Offer a half/full day off specifically for those regular appointments like physical’s, specialists, or dental visits.
  • Bring in a doctor. Contact a local physician about performing onsite physicals and checkups.
  • Incentivize your employees getting their yearly checkups.
    • Gift card
    • Water bottle
    • Fishing lore (I had a company do this it was a huge hit)
    • Snack bag
    • Company swag
  • Health fairs
  • Virtual health fairs
  • Healthy tip video during shift meetings

There are really so many options to help get your employees taking an active role in their wellness. For more information contact me at Laura@LauraTimbrook.com.

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