How health coaches help shift-working professionals create healthier habits.

One in five adults has a chronic disease and half of all deaths in the U.S. are from chronic disease. Achieving a healthy weight and lifestyle can help reduce the risk of many chronic diseases. Many people find it hard to stick to a healthier plan because they get stressed out, feel hungry, or miss pizza and beer nights with friends. Here are some ways how health coaches help employees create sustainable habits for healthier living.

Small changes big results

Most diets focus on big changes and quick results which often means unsustainable habits and essentially just puts us on the diet yo-yo. The goal in making healthier changes is to actually be healthier. When we focus on small sustainable changes this leads to sustainable changes that employees can easily adapt to and continue.

Habits that fit the individual

I once had an employee tell me that the last health professional their employer brought in to talk about sleep told all employees they should be going to bed by 10pm, yet more than half of the employees worked a rotating shift schedule. It’s sad to say but most mainstream health and wellness advice is geared towards the 9-5 workforce. It’s important to work with a professional that understands the unique lifestyle of your workforce. Most health coaches don’t work off of a preset diet or lifestyle plan, everything is about the individual and what they need and have the capacity to implement.

Do what they love

There is this understanding that when someone starts living a healthier lifestyle that they have to give up everything, pizza, ice cream, beer, bourbon, wine, tacos, the list goes on. The truth is all of these things can easily be added to a healthier lifestyle. Being healthy isn’t about being miserable actually it’s just the opposite we want to love being healthier and if that means the occasional pizza and beer night this can easily be implemented as part of a healthier lifestyle. This is one of the biggest benefits when working with a health coach as they take each individual into account and they work together designing a plan specifically for what the individual wants to achieve.

If you want to discover how working with a health coach can improve the health of your employees contact . I would love to talk about how we can work together to build a healthier and stronger workforce.

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