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Summertime Blues and Random Thoughts.

I wasn’t going to do a blog post this week for the podcast episode.

Each year I suffer from the summertime blues; I know I should be happy it’s sunny and warm, and yet, end of July/August, I am


I am hot, sticky; it’s too damn sunny out. It’s like spending 3 weeks with a bright, peppy person all the damn time. This year I think what makes it even worst is our thunderstorms suck! Normally a good thunderstorm and lightning recharges me; yesterday, we were under a warning, and the skies got all funky. I was super pumped, and nothing

So this episode I let my ADHD brain run wild with a mic on. The episode was actually pretty fun to record, and I hope you enjoy it.

And as a little teaser, I even let you all in on what is upcoming in the podcast and business, which is something I typically don’t do. If you enjoy the episode, let me know and don’t forget to leave a review on Apple or Spotify if you use them for the episode as this helps with my rating.

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