Exercise Without Exercising

Episode Transcript Do you hate exercising? What would you do if I could tell you you can exercise without actually exercising? Well, that’s what we’re going to be discussing today. One of the biggest things, why people don’t exercise is they hate exercising. Let’s discuss some of the regular habits that so many of us […]

Simple workday meals

Often times our lunch hour is more like a 10-15 minute break so how can we make sure we can have a balanced meal when we have limited time. Several of the factories and facilities I have worked with there is a growing trend of employees: skipping meals replacing meals with coffee grabbing something off […]

Top Cooling Foods for summer

Episode Transcription Do you ever find yourself being overheated in the summer? Or you just can’t seem to get cool and you’re irritable, you’re not eating well. Well, today we’re going to be talking about some of the top foods to help cool our body, so we can feel great and have a fun summer […]

Diabetes in the Workforce

This week on the Manufacturing Wellness podcast we are discussing diabetes in the workforce and how employers can help support their employees who struggle with blood sugar stability. Episode Transcription: Right now, one out of every 10 Americans has diabetes, and one out of every three are pre-diabetic. There is the assumption that by 2051 […]

Creating a solid employee wellness program

with Rue Patel. TranscriptionWelcome to the manufacturing wellness podcast. Our mission is to help improve your workforces overall health and well being. I’m your host, Laura Timbrook, and national board certified health and wellness coach and wellbeing strategist for the manufacturing industry. Hey everybody, welcome to the podcast today we have on Rue Patel. He […]

Stress in the Workplace

Manufacturing Wellness Podcast episode Transcription Welcome to the manufacturing wellness podcast, I am your host, Laura Timbrook. And today we are talking about stress. One of the things I’ve learned over my time in manufacturing and in corporate wellness is how often we promote overwork ethics, you know, so many times I will walk into […]

Purpose, Relationships & Women in Industry with Mavens of Manufacturing.

Episode Transcription Laura TimbrookWelcome to the manufacturing wellness podcast. Our mission is to help improve your workforces overall health and well being. I’m your host, Laura Timbrook, a national board certified health and wellness coach and wellbeing strategist for the manufacturing industry. Laura TimbrookHey everybody, welcome to the manufacturing wellness podcast. I am your host, […]

Leadership with a Wellness Approach

When you are not feeling good about yourself you are not performing at your best. Laura Timbrook Episode transcription. Today we’re going to actually be talking about leadership with a wellness style approach. What does this mean? What does it entail? and Why the hell would it matter? And it’s really interesting, because sometimes I […]

Employees and Preventative Health?

Are you employees seeing their doctors on a regular basis? In the chaos of life it is easy for everyone to forget to make their yearly appts but for our manufacturing workforce its often harder given the lifestyle of shift work. I often hear “I don’t need to see a Dr. I’m fine” and often […]

Top Wellness Apps

Today on the Outspoken Nutrition Podcast I spoke about my top favorite wellness apps. I find that health and wellness apps can really help keep us accountable so that we can achieve our wellness goals…well, maybe not the 2020 wellness goals, 2020 is a rough year. To listen to the podcast click here or listen […]

Do Employee Wellness Programs Work

Do you know the most common question Googled when it comes to employee wellness? It is  “Do employee wellness programs work” and in today’s episode we are answering that exact question, do they work and managing expectations. To listen to today’s podcast on Spotify click here or listen on your favorite podcasting app. The Manufacturing […]

Outspoken Nutrition Podcast: Light exercise no sweat

We are entering a new phase of stress we spoke about it last week episode “Next Wave of Stress” not all the time will we have the available maybe physically or even mentally to devote and hour to a hot sweaty workout. Its important that even during those times we get moving and light exercise […]

Simple ways to add more fruits and veggies into your diet.

We all know by now that we should be eating fruits and vegetables each day. But knowing and doing are two different things, aren’t they? Sometimes, it is not easy to remember to include them, especially if we are short on time or not a big fan. Comfort and convenience foods or even skipping meals […]

Sleep Tips for the Night Shift Workforce.

Night shift workers are a unique set of employees; they are the ones working their tails off so we can live in a 24-hour society, plus they need to be able to function at their prime when biologically they should be sleeping. The health and wellness of night shift workers are often at an increased […]

Don’t Do This

Podcast Episode 61 If you are trying to make healthier changes; lose, weight, control blood sugar, get fit..ect, there is one thing you never want to do if you want the results to last. Today is the last day to join in on our Outspoken Nutrition Community for $10/month and get the Free bonus of […]

Bonus Tips for Health Fairs in Manufacturing Cont.

*If you haven’t read the previous article for this on LinkedIn click here. 4. Familiar faces – going back to the tried and true method familiar faces are another form of reliability. If you have some vendors, speakers,or technicians that your employees are comfortable with stick with them or people they recommend. 5. Be clear […]

Should I avoid water with meals?

If you spent time with a holistic nutritionist or read any number of health and diet books/blogs you are probably aware of the advice that you should not be drinking water with meals, or 40 mins prior or after. The advice varies but it’s along those lines in some way. Does drinking water with meals […]

3 Tips for Surviving the Chaos

Stuff sucks right now but it’s so important that we put energy in keeping ourselves both physically and mentally healthy. This week I discuss 3 tips to help us find some kind of normal. To listen to this episode click here; or subscribe to Outspoken Nutrition on your favorite podcast app

Tips for working from home

I have been working from home since 2005 both in a corporate environment and now with my own business. There were several years of growing pains, here are my tips for you to avoid those pains. Click here to listen or YouTube to watch


If there was a magic pill that could make our skin brighter, get us more toned without the gym and reduce stress levels would you be all in? What if tell you sex can do all that and so much more. In today’s episode, we talk about sex and all the great things it can […]

American Ninja Warrior “Monstro Ninja” Eric Totten

This week I got to interview American Ninja Warrior “Monstro Ninja” Eric Totten he was on season 10 and just got the call back for season 12. Listen to today’s episode as I talk with the Monstro Ninja Eric Totten. To listen now click here. For more information make sure you follow Eric on Instagram @theMonstroNinjaor […]

Stress, Trauma and EMDR

In today’s episode, we talk with Licensed Psychotherapist Christi Garner, LMFT around EMDR what it is, how it works and what you can expect during a session.

Chemistry not calories, interview with Lyn-Genet Recitas

Today we have Lyn-Genet Recitas with us. Lyn-Genet is a Sports Nutritionist, NY Times and International bestselling author of The Plan and The Metabolism Plan. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes down to how food affects inflammation in our bodies. She has a ground-breaking protocol that helps determine what foods are right […]

Corporate health and Wellness Speaker

Corporate Health and Wellness Speaker Laura has been a corporate health and wellness speaker since 2012 and has spoken for several Fortune 500 Companies in the US. Did you know healthy employees are better for business? Customer service improves when your employee is healthy and happy. Development and creativity improve when stress life balance is […]

Love/Hate New Years Resolutions.

Do you love or hate new years’ resolutions? Over the past few years, I have had mixed feelings. How many times have you reached your New Year resolution? Do you set year-long intentions? With the new year approaching, I came across a Ted Talk that spoke about one tip that really offered some great advice. […]

Diet Season, Don’t Do This.

January 1st kicks off what I call “Diet Season”, everybody is suddenly on a diet and hitting the gym. Quinoa and Almond butter are sold out everywhere like the hottest Christmas toy. Most diets don’t even make it to January 15th let alone February and the top reason is stress. We chose diets that are […]

Elf Stress

Holidays can be stressful enough and then as parents we feel the need to introduce the Elf to our kids.

Essential oil safety, what you need to know.

Did you know not all essential oils are safe? That certain ones can cause breathing problems in kids? Or that essential oils often require proper dilution and a bit of math. Listen to today’s podcast to here more.

Low-Carb Slingshot effect

Have you tried a low-carb diet? How did you do? Did you lose the weight initially and then gain some if not all or more back. In today’s episode, I talk about something I call the low-carb slingshot effect. We also discuss how to avoid it and should we be really low-carbing it or is […]

Blue Light Glasses, Why?

Have you seen someone wearing these yellow glasses? Have you heard about the health issues with blue light and ever wondered do you need to be concerned? Do you want to know why and what the research has to say? Listen now to find out more. You can listen to this episode now on apple […]

Do you want to be healthy?

Have you ever meet someone who didn’t want to be healthy? There is so much contradicting health information which often leads people feeling helpless in reaching their health goals. A few years ago my friend Paige and I released a cookbook, Plate of Food, to help people get back to the love with food, wholesome […]

Halloween Candy Guilt?

Like so many of us did you overdo it on the Halloween candy? Feeling a little guilty with that sugar hangover. This episode we are talking candy and that Halloween guilt. It is possible to have some candy and not feel guilty. To listen to today’s podcast episode click here

Oh, sh*t meals

We have all been there, crazy day and then mealtime rolls around, the last thing you want to do is cook food. You’re left with two options skip the meal or grab fast food. Well, there is a third option its the “Oh sh*t” meal (OSM). In this episode, we are going to talk about […]

No More Excuses

I used to think our excuses stood in the way of achieving goals. In today’s episode, we talk about the epiphany I had that it’s not the excuses standing in our way its something else. Listen to today’s episode to discover what is holding you back.

New Nutritional Calculator App, Recipe IQ.

Have you ever seen a recipe and wondered what the macro/calorie count is? This app allows you the flexibility to have total control so recipes can fit your nutritional or dietary needs. In today’s episode I am interviewing the man behind this cool new app, Recipe IQ. Listen to today’s episode to learn about all the […]

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