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Embrace Quite Quitting

How to embrance quite quitting to improve your workforce now.

“In 2007, the WHO listed shift work as a probable human carcinogen. When all of the health statistics are not in favor of our shift working professionals, we need to better support them so they can lead a healthy life in the career that they love.”

Laura Timbrook

Laura is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach who understands the struggles shift-working professionals face when managing their health.

With over 15 years of corporate global leadership experience combined with 10+ years within corporate wellness, I understand the difficulty in engaging employees and also understand the importance of a healthy and safe workforce. My focus is on creating a more engaged and productive workforce with a healthy lifestyle approach.

Engagement with a Healthier Mindset

Engaging your workforce can seem overwhelming. In today’s day and age, more and more employees are looking to create a healthy work/life balance. It’s important as leaders, we are finding new ways of promoting a healthier and more engaged workforce.

Why traditional health and wellness events lack engagement

How our packages are different!

First, we attract with food; most people love free food.

Offering a healthy snack or smoothie breakfast is a great way to open a conversation and begin discussing ways to improve healthier habits. Each package has a theme, from improving sleep, stress management, better nutrition, or even just starting to build healthier habits.

Next, we offer a leadership session this allows your employees to see that there is a buy-in from leadership that they are taking steps to better support their teams.

Next up, we offer HIPPA-compliant coaching sessions. This allows individuals to meet privately with a board-certified health coach and talk about the steps they can make toward healthier habits.


Speaking Only

1-hour virtual zoom – see topics
Copy of slides
Handout for improving habits
coaching discounts available

Full Day

1-hour food demo
1-hour leadership session
15- 15min health coaching spots


Great for multi-teams or shifts
1-hour food demo
1-hour leadership session
15- 15min health coaching spots

Popular Speaking Topics:

Finding the 25th hour

“If I only had more time, I would____.” Sound familiar? Most employees want to improve their health they just need to find the time with the current lifestyle demands. In this session, they will discover simple hacks for finding the extra time to implement healthy habits.

Discover Your Calm Style

Stress management is not all meditation and twinkle lights. Find out how we can use hobbies that we love to help us improve our overall health! Discover how doing something that is enjoyable builds self-autonomy and helps us see the benefits of behavioral changes and improvements in our physical well-being.

Leading Wellness

This session examines how we can improve our leadership skills while promoting a healthy workforce. The rate of employee burnout is the highest it has ever been, which has been the leading cause of “quite quitting” and “the great resignation.”
Discover how as leaders, we can help support the health and well-being of our workforce while improving engagement, retention, and production.

Sleep|Stress Connection

Our employees can’t sleep because they are stressed, and it is difficult to manage stress because of the lack of energy. In this session, they will learn techniques that help them get off the hamster wheel and improve sleep patterns and improve their overall stress levels.

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