Health and Wellness Professionals

Creating a more diversified practice

Are you ready to expand your health practice?

Podcasting Course

In this course you will learn everything you need to start your own podcast today.

Course take approximately 2 hours. To learn more click here

Wellness Plans for Shift Working Professionals

Ready to take a deeper dive into how to create an inclusive wellness plan for shift working professionals. Using the Core Principals of Well-Being (Purpose | Relationship | Sleep | Nourishment | Movement) we discuss the steps in creating a wellness program that is fun, sustainable and easily fits into their lifestyle.

This course will be going live by the end of October. You can pre-order now and over 50% off. This price is good only until Sept 21, 2021 after the price will increase for the pre-order.

Release date for the course is October 29th 2021.

Consulting for Health Professionals

You get 60 mins of 1:1 time with Laura. Questions about podcasting and your business, wanting to implement a corporate wellness program or just need health coaching advice. Schedule an appointment with Laura.