Health and Wellness For Shift Working Professionals.

Laura is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach who understands the struggles shift-working professionals face when it comes to managing their health. With over 10 years of experience in the corporate wellness space, she’s able to deliver advice that they can relate with and most importantly implement so that they can improve their overall health.

“In 2007, the WHO listed shift work as a probable human carcinogen. When all of the health statistics are not in favor of our shift working professionals, we need to better support them so they can lead a healthy life in the career that they love.”

Laura Timbrook

Popular Speaking Topics:

Finding the 25th hour

“If I only had more time I would____.” Sound familiar? Most employees want to improve their health they just find the time with the current lifestyle demands. In this session, they will discover simple hacks in finding the extra time to implement healthy habits.

Discover Your Calm Style

Stress management is not all meditation and twinkle lights. Find out how we can use hobbies that we love to help us improve our overall health! Discover how doing something that is enjoyable, builds self-autonomy and helps us see the benefits of behavioral changes and improvements in our physical well-being.

The Healthy Shift

There is a lot of information about wellness and health that are meant for the M-F, 9-5 workforce. However, what about everyone else?

In this session we will explore healthy sleep habits during shift work hours; meal plans during shift work hours; physical and mental exercises that can be done in order to improve your mood while working at night or on weekends and improving relationships when it feels like you don’t have the time.

Sleep|Stress Connection

Our employees can’t sleep because they are stressed, and it is difficult to manage stress because of the lack of energy. In this session, they will learn techniques that help get off the hamster wheel and improve sleep patterns as well as better management of stress levels.

Discover how improving your employee’s health can boost business.

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