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Each week we break down some of the latest health and nutrition trends to see what’s real or just a real waste of sanity and hard earned $.

Digital Detox Outspoken Nutrition

  1. Digital Detox
  2. Collecting True Friends with author Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker
  3. Sitting with the Suck
  4. Relationships + Health
  5. Life with Food Allergies Interview with Kathrine Kise
  6. Truth on Fats
  7. Fall and Winter Diet Tips
  8. Benefits of microgreens with ingarden
  9. Biohacking with Wade Lightheart
  10. Tired Mom

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Exercise Without Exercising

Episode Transcript Do you hate exercising? What would you do if I could tell you you can exercise without actually exercising? Well, that’s what we’re going to be discussing today. One of the biggest things, why people don’t exercise is they hate exercising. Let’s discuss some of the regular habits that so many of us…

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Simple workday meals

Often times our lunch hour is more like a 10-15 minute break so how can we make sure we can have a balanced meal when we have limited time. Several of the factories and facilities I have worked with there is a growing trend of employees: skipping meals replacing meals with coffee grabbing something off…

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Top Cooling Foods for summer

Episode Transcription Do you ever find yourself being overheated in the summer? Or you just can’t seem to get cool and you’re irritable, you’re not eating well. Well, today we’re going to be talking about some of the top foods to help cool our body, so we can feel great and have a fun summer…

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