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Each week we break down some of the latest health and nutrition trends to see what’s real or just a real waste of sanity and hard earned $.

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Stress in the Workplace

Manufacturing Wellness Podcast episode Transcription Welcome to the manufacturing wellness podcast, I am your host, Laura Timbrook. And today we are talking about stress. One of the things I’ve learned over my time in manufacturing and in corporate wellness is how often we promote overwork ethics, you know, so many times I will walk into […]

Purpose, Relationships & Women in Industry with Mavens of Manufacturing.

Episode Transcription Laura TimbrookWelcome to the manufacturing wellness podcast. Our mission is to help improve your workforces overall health and well being. I’m your host, Laura Timbrook, a national board certified health and wellness coach and wellbeing strategist for the manufacturing industry. Laura TimbrookHey everybody, welcome to the manufacturing wellness podcast. I am your host, […]

Leadership with a Wellness Approach

When you are not feeling good about yourself you are not performing at your best. Laura Timbrook Episode transcription. Today we’re going to actually be talking about leadership with a wellness style approach. What does this mean? What does it entail? and Why the hell would it matter? And it’s really interesting, because sometimes I […]