The Shift Health Coach Podcast

Formerly known as the Outspoken Nutrition Podcast.

Productivity Hacks and ADHD The Shift Health Coach

  1. Productivity Hacks and ADHD
  2. Top 5 tips for Better Sleep
  3. Mindfulness and Meditation
  4. Update on Outspoken Nutrition
  5. Quite Firing
  6. Quite Quitting
  7. Should you drink water with meals
  8. Drop 10 lbs Quickly
  9. Why Intuitive Eating Doesn't Work
  10. Binaural beats for sleep and decreasing tinnitus

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Shift workers’ health is more at risk, and we are doing nothing.

Did you know our shift-working professionals have a harder time with sleep, meeting nutritional demands, managing stress, getting proper medical care, and having a higher risk of physical and mental health issues? In 2007 the WHO (World Health Organization) listed shift work as a probable human carcinogen. Not just possible, probable. A study found that…

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