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Don’t Do This

Podcast Episode 61 If you are trying to make healthier changes; lose, weight, control blood sugar, get fit..ect, there is one thing you never want to do if you want the results to last. Today is the last day to join in on our Outspoken Nutrition Community for $10/month and get the Free bonus of […]

Bonus Tips for Health Fairs in Manufacturing Cont.

*If you haven’t read the previous article for this on LinkedIn click here. 4. Familiar faces – going back to the tried and true method familiar faces are another form of reliability. If you have some vendors, speakers,or technicians that your employees are comfortable with stick with them or people they recommend. 5. Be clear […]

Should I avoid water with meals?

If you spent time with a holistic nutritionist or read any number of health and diet books/blogs you are probably aware of the advice that you should not be drinking water with meals, or 40 mins prior or after. The advice varies but it’s along those lines in some way. Does drinking water with meals […]