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Avoiding the WFH Burnout Outspoken Nutrition

In this episode, we talk about the current shit storm we are all living in and how to avoid the work from home (WFH) burnout.This episode also has a bonus content of a video so if you want to watch the podcast being recorded and what I look like in my studio you can watch it on my YouTube channel.
  1. Avoiding the WFH Burnout
  2. Holy Sh*t Thank You
  3. Eat the holiday leftovers
  4. Light exercise no sweat
  5. Next Wave of Stress

Manufacturing Wellness

Podcast dedicated to the highlighting the wellness initiatives within the Manufacturing Industry. Releases new episodes every Monday.

Purpose and Employee Engagement Manufacturing Wellness

Discover how purpose increases employee engagement.
  1. Purpose and Employee Engagement
  2. NBHWC Health Coaches Improving Employee Wellness with Leigh-Ann Webster
  3. Employee Engagement During Depressive Times
  4. 3 Tips for an Effective Wellness Program
  5. Why Wellness in Manufacturing

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