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Persuasive Marketing and Health Propaganda with Mike Vera The Shift Health Coach

Have you ever listened to a commercial and bought something, wondering what the hell you were thinking a few days later?This is because of the power of psychology, which influences our decision-making, corporate marketing knows this, and they often use it to influence how you purchase.In this episode, we will discuss how corporate marketing influences our decision-making and how we can harness that power to create healthier habits to improve our quality of life.Connect with Mike:Mike Vera and Red Pill HealthWebsites referenced:RXiskConsumer LabsNational Board of Health and Wellness Coaches Podcast episode on Shoes and ProductivityMusic by Alex Grohl and Pixabay click here to listen
  1. Persuasive Marketing and Health Propaganda with Mike Vera
  2. The Mansplaining of Women's Hormones and Metabolic Diets with Jaci Stephens
  3. GOLO Diet – Does it really work?
  4. Physician and Healthcare Burnout with Dr. Svetlana Chamoun
  5. Nature and Mental Health Feat. Reset Outdoors

Manufacturing Wellness

A podcast dedicated to highlighting the wellness initiatives within the Manufacturing Industry. Releases new episodes every second Monday of the Month.

Sugar and the health crisis Manufacturing Wellness

We have been focusing on sugar education and running sugar shocker demonstrations and workshops yet our rate of diabetes keeps increasing. In this episode, we are discussing actionable solutions to help improve our health. Research for this episode : https://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/statistics/slides/long_term_trends.pdf https://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/pdfs/data/statistics/national-diabetes-statistics-report.pdf
  1. Sugar and the health crisis
  2. Healthy Meals on the Road
  3. Diabetes in the Workforce
  4. It Works, Employee Wellness with Rue Patel
  5. Lunch Break Dangers of Skipping Meals

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