Shift-Workers in Corporate Wellness

Join us for a free event on Thursday Sept 29th at 3 pm EDT to discover how to better support our shift working professionals.

Most Health + Wellness Advice is Not Designed for the Shift Working Professionals.

Go to bed at the same time, don’t eat after 6 pm, wake up when the sun comes up..etc

Think about the 3rd shift worker in our manufacturing facilities or our doctors and nurses in the ER or our airline pilots. How can they be healthy if their lifestyle doesn’t permit what everyone tells them is a healthy lifestyle.

In the ShiftHC Course you will discover how we can help shift working professionals implement healthy habits that fits their lifestyle. This course is worth 3 CE’s

Interview with Primal Coaching

Laura is a board certified health and wellness coaching with over 10 years experience in the corporate coaching field. Laura understands everyone’s vision of healthy is a little bit different and she is passionate about helping individuals create healthy habits that fit their lifestyle and goals.